Treasury West s u m m e r t i m e


Stars of the week: madeofjacinta, mujoyas and Pizpireta

  1. 2XL Collective Names of Animals – Asphalt Mens Shirt by Xenotees
  2. Fable Collection V- Rapunzel by Pizpireta
  3. Purple Rrose – Knitted Pin by deepindigo
  4. Cream and peach hand woven clutch bag by anasousa
  6. Trapeze artists -Slider Earrings-sterling silver by mujoyas
  7. Silver Plated Delicas Cuff Bracelet by dicopebisuteria
  8. Ecru cords for Momoko and Pullip by Cangaway
  9. Barxa 1 – vintage bag or basket by contexto
  10. Free shipping. Mr Dog. Coloured brooch by MadeOfJacinta
  11. Romantic, Vintage Inspired Ivory Cuff by twoknit
  12. Minus messenger bag in sand beige by minus
  13. Formal Pleated Skirt Beige by Chuletindesigns
  14. Chicken figurine 4 by Lambert
  15. Crochet Statement necklace, natural color, butterfly by DAINTYCROCHETBYALY
  16. Verdigris Pebble Ring – 2 by Meetalls

Thank you Xenotees, Pizpireta, deepindigo, anasousa, pamelatang, mujoyas, dicopebisuteria, Cangaway, contexto, madeofjacinta, twoknit, minus, Chuletindesigns, Lambert, DAINTYCROCHETBYALY and Meetalls.



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