Front Page by krize

Thank you very much krize!!

  1. November blossom… Art doll, OOAK by Elze
  2. LESS IS MORE sleeveless long dress by idea2lifestyle
  3. Organza Felt Flower Bracelet by BlueBirdLab
  4. Tuileries Sleeveless Linen Dress – Indigo by tortillagirl
  5. P i c n i c- clutch in blue and white ginham by karuski
  6. Neckwear / kerchief – Trace of a Snow Woman OOAK nuno felt by vilte
  7. Tam – Marled Blue, Black and Gray by knitBranda
  8. FREE SHIPPING Mondrian Cube Brooch by LaCometaLab
  9. Teal on Teal Wristlet by ziazia
  10. Needle Felted Brooch – ATTENTION by magic
  11. Reversible Pendant with Fabric-sterling silver by mujoyas
  12. Colador Earrings – Blue by Meetalls
  13. Macrame Owl Necklace – Cobalt Blue by macraMe
  14. Emma by MissBird
  15. Small Felt Handbag by lusitania
  16. STARRY NIGHT necklace in jewel colours by ovejanegra

Front page



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