Treasury West: Southern July


Stars of the week: Intres, MissBird and NiuTaller

  1. MT Ink 10 (OOAK) – ORIGINAL Abstract hand painted ink by artMT
  2. The tree of the fuchsia parakeets – Felt Tree by Intres
  3. LITTLE PIERROT – collar\/scarflette by ixela
  4. Rustic Floral Picture Frame in Blue and Brown by pixiepaper
  5. Ring Wizard by Pizpireta
  6. Flowers Brooch by MissBird
  7. Record Player by sisply
  8. Cascade in Green by danugs
  9. Little girl brooch.Little collection by MadeOfJacinta
  10. yarn square ring by NiuTaller
  11. Hunting butterflies – print by munieca
  12. Rustic Copper Ring by Meetalls
  13. Set of 3 Notecards- I need You. Weird notecard. Set of three by krize
  14. SIMBA — —CHARITY— — by emmarts
  15. Ophelia you swift little bird by brownbunnybyiris
  16. Musical Note Necklace made of Sterling silver and copper by aforfebre

Thank you artMT, Intres, ixela, pixiepaper, Pizpireta, MissBird, sisply, danugs, madeofjacinta, NiuTaller, munieca, Meetalls, krize, emmarts, brownbunnybyiris and aforfebre!!


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