Treasury West red thread

Stars of the week: Intres, MissBird and NiuTaller

  1. Red House with two black cats and two hearts- House warming gift by Intres
  2. Ana by MissBird
  3. Japan pattern1 brooch by NiuTaller
  4. Vintage polkadots by MadeOfJacinta
  5. Original Collages Mini Book by yaelfran
  6. ONDULATO – Neck Warmer/Capelet by Silvia66
  7. Squard tangle earrings Black by aforfebre
  8. S. pneumoniae – Contemporary Oxidized Asymmetric Sterling Silver necklace by Arctida
  9. Sale…Red Flowers with beads Shoulder Bag by lolos
  10. Necklace, SWEET – cotton strips necklace in ivory, black and striped pink and black colors by southstreet
  11. Funny circles – Short necklace crocheted in waxed thread in different shades of pink color by IsMoreNa
  12. LIMITED EDITION Rejuve Herbal Neck Scarf in Marpat Fabric by Reparapy
  13. KEEPER – Mighty Simple Soul Raven Doodle Dish by LoveArtWorks
  14. Woman walking by Lambert
  15. SALE Salmon and Flower pleats Tote by ziazia
  16. Huge butterfly on black felt (Felt art) by kutz

Thank you Intres, MissBird, NiuTaller, madeofjacinta, yaelfran, Silvia66, aforfebre, Arctida, lolos, southstreet, IsMoreNa, Reparapy, LoveArtWorks, Lambert, ziazia and kutz!!



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