Treasury the color of July


Stars of the week: aforfebre, BareSockcrafts and tomelimania

Thank you…

  1. Pendant – Sterling silver by aforfebre
  2. Fuchsia Blue Flower Ring” by tomelimania
  3. Aurelio the elephant by BareSockcrafts
  4. Achooooo Ring by Pizpireta
  5. Red Flowers with beads Shoulder Bag by lolos
  6. Trees collage by kutz
  7. Green owl shaker by LaBestia
  8. Macrame Owl Necklace – Orange Web by macraMe
  9. Minibroche Fresisuis–rhubarb–Strawberry by LadySelvaShop
  10. Brown Deer Necklace by sisply
  11. Green glass beads and pom pom ball necklace by emeeme
  12. Old Seashell Images on Antique Maps by AlgaNet
  13. Set of 3 Butterflies by chicalessia
  14. STRAWBERRY CAKE MINI MATRIOSKA (mini matrioska torta fragolosa) by CaramelStar
  15. Pooh Centerpiece by Yayahandicraft
  16. Relax by retroattack


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