4itemsONEartist: dualchocolate

  1. TeddyBear. Crochet Chocolate Bear. Simple Xoco
  2. Chontaduro. Pejibaye Necklace. Tributo Caribe. Crochet Multi Long Layered Necklace.Cotton Cowls. Vegan Neckwarmer
  3. Baby Strap Booties MaryJane style Handknitted Dream
  4. a skin full of poems

Eslin Morris is a Costa Rica artist who lives in New Jersey. From her profile we can read:

The hands behind DualChocolate:

There’s a story and a sweet memory attached to each of our stitches, just like the one you might find behind each childhood time scar and memory when you take time and listen.
With each and every project we share with you: stitches, scars and the sweet memories we are left with.

I picked up my first stitches and my scars, out of curiosity. The stitches while I was styling hair in Queens, New York, and the scars while growing up in Costa Rica, where I went to an marvelous art school.

“Natural Stitches Sweet Designs Naturally”

Eslin is a fulltime dual and bilingual artist/woman who use: needles, yarn, hooks, books, pens and pans. All naturally handmade vegan, green and original, naturally one of a kind. Dualchocolate is also the constant contribuition of techniques and skills from: relatives, friends, and fellow artists, all highly skilled individuals to develop her own projects.
She get inspired by the beach and all year round is always a good time to enjoy the simplicity of the majestic sea, the nature in general is a constant stimulant to relax. Stitching, writing and creating is a year round project, and a biological neccessity.

In dualchocolate’s store we can find crocheted accessories, baby booties, teddy bears and more.

dualchocolate links: Etsy, FacebookFlickr, tumblr and blog.

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