dmtgun3, Demet Günüç

  1. Cream Hand Knit and Brazilian Embroidery Flowers FAN STITCH Pattern Cardigan,Vintage Buttoned Sweater,Long Sleeves,Medium Large
  2. 2-4 years cable knit with pom hat
  3. Traditional Burgundy Red Scarf Turkish LaceWork Yemeni
  4. 3 colors green wool crochet bag

These lovely crochet and knitted accessories were made by Demet Günüç, a young Turkish crafter.
In her jewelry store profile we read:

I was born in Marmaris.23 years old.4 years married. Not yet a child. I do not work. I myself have hobbies. With pleasure, I would eagerly make this jewelry needle and thread
I live in the world of seed beads.I doing difficult handmade labor jobs.what do you present friends all over the world and want my friends get cooking, entertainment, chat.I like to take photos. moreover I love to watch the rain…I love my husband too..I would die for him:))
If you want a friend from Turkey always contact me
best regards …I write something on the wall:)) 

In  her Etsy store dmtgun3 we can find handknitted accessories from handbags, baby beanies, scarves, head pieces, sachs, pins, wall decors, cardigans and beanies for adults.

dmtgun3 links: Etsy, blogtwitter and facebook.

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