1. ANGEL – wrap/scarflette/capelet
  2. WOOD SLICE – embroidered ring
  3. WINTER ROSE – ring
  4. LITTLE PIERROT – collar/scarflette

Alessandra lives in Turin, a wonderful city in the North Italy. She is an architect and her first job is planning and house design, but her real passions, since she was a little child, were women’s accessories and jewels, expecially every kind of outlandish and sparkling ones.
Many years ago she began to gather beads, pearls and other parts from old and vintage broken jewellery and o re-assemble some new jewels one of a kind for herself and her friends.

She often use for her creations simple materials such as stones, pebbles, shells, sea glass or acrylic beads. Sometimes mix the with more precious supplies. She loves to improve every piece which she create with her whimsical thoughts.

In  her Etsy store ixela we can find cowls and neckwarmers, shrugs and boleros, wraps, ponchos and capelets, vests and tanks, necklaces and lariats, bracelets, rings and brooches.

ixela links: Etsy, blog, Flickr, twitter and facebook.

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