4itemsONEartist: whimsidoodle

  1. 20 Origami BOXES ONLY – Green/Yellow Shades
  2. Shhh it’s a surprise – 8 Onesie Cards (Gender Neutral Patterns)
  3. A Furniture Embellishment
  4. 20 Origami Boxes with lights – Blue, Green, Tan

I love what I do. I do what I love. -Jen

Her name is Jen and she is a work at home mom, in the lovely Maine, with her husband and two girls.

Searching something to make staying at home and enjoy she realized that she has been making origami lights for years, a craft which her sister taught when she was in high school. Then, when she went into the art supply closet to get some origami paper, she discovered wooden shapes that she’d bought years ago with the intention to make a mobile and never did it. Voila! She thought… and get the idea to do both. As she say in her profile, the rest just happened very naturally with the ornaments and embellishments and other wooden goodies.

In Etsy she started to interact with other Etsian fellows, buying origami paper and ornaments or embellishements. So, she began thinking about all of the people she knows who make beautiful things, but for one reason or another are not able to sell the items themselves.

This is where the dream of Whimsidoodle’s began. To sell whimsical beautiful works by New England artisans. Stay tuned for works made by other talented artists like the one of a kind Onesie Cards made by Jess Proctor of Vermont and the custom built birdhouses by Josh Pease of Appleton, Maine.

In  her Etsy store Whimsidoodle we can find origami lights and boxes, ornaments, onesie cards, wall embellishements, coasters, wooden toys, and magnets.

Whimsidoodle’s links: Etsy and facebook.

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