4itemsONEartist: Old World Primitives

  1. Vintage Style Chenille Cupid Valentine Ornaments
  2. Primitive Folk Art Pioneer Doll
  3. Nadine – Extreme Primitive Folk Art Doll
  4. Chenille Dog Ornaments

These lovely ornaments and dolls were made by Stephanie Baker of Old World Primitives, located in Middlesex County, NJ.
In her blog profile she said she has grew up in an 18th century farmhouse with an outhouse and two barns on the property, one of which contained the abandoned remains of an old blacksmith shop. Her parents have collected and decorated with antiques and primitives, and many of the items in their home were true make-dos. They use to spent their weekends at flea markets and antique shows, and a few times she got to accompany her Dad digging for antique bottles in the yards of abandoned houses. They grew all of their own vegetables and later they also had a horse and a pony. She still love the primitive look to this day, even though she now live in a “new” house that is only a bit more than a single century old.
In Old World Primitives she offers handmade primitive dolls, vintage style chenille ornaments, and antique style spun cotton ornaments. The store is organized in the following sections: Primitive folk art dolls, spun cotton ornaments, dog and cat ornaments, Christmas ornaments, Valentine ornaments, St Patricks day ornies, Easter ornaments, Patriotic 4th of July ornaments and Halloween ornaments.

Old World Primitives links: Etsyblog, ArtFire, Flickr, Facebook and twitter.

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