4itemsONEartist: 464Handmade

  1. Lace hearts on white Eco-Friendly Reusable Grocery bag
  2. Red/white gingham Tote bag
  3. Red patchwork Fabric Tissue Holder
  4. Red Hexagons French Press Coffee Cozy

Rosa María is not new on Etsy. We have just know before when with her sister Verónica opened another store: mihermanayyo
As their styles are so different they decided to separate their works in 2 new stores: 464Handmade and Vebo. They also have a brother: roagui. But this post is just to talk about 464Handmade! 🙂

Rosa Maria is from Mexico and she lives in Guadalajara, out of the town and close to the forest with her soul mate, three dogs and a very cute kitten.
Their home has the number 464. It is the place where she tries to have a simple life sewing and dreaming.
She has studied law and has a job, but also loves to cook, gardening, sew and quilting and enjoys to be at home.

In her new store, 464Handmade we can find colorful pillows, bags, eco-friendly tote bags, tissue holders and french coffee press cozy.

As she is opening all her items have their prices reduces and maybe you can find a discount coupon there.

464Handmade links: Etsyblog, and Flickr.

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