4itemsONEartist: TheJoyofColor

  1. Spring Onions No.3 original watercolor painting in fresh green and pale yellow
  2. Avocado Study No.2 original watercolor painting
  3. Clover Field original watercolor painting of abstract clovers meadow, Shamrock
  4. Feeding the Geese an original watercolor painting of a women feeding the goose in the park

Yale Berger’s greatest passion is for color and pattern, which is the origin of her shop name: TheJoyofColor.
In her paintings and cold clay painted objects (flowers, napkin rings and containers) are reflected her optimism, and the joy she feels when creating. Natures inspires she and make her happy so the flower motive is running through her work. As a minimalist at heart she try to keep the shapes as simple as possible and let the color speak. She really wants with her work bring others joy and happiness.

Yael is a textile designer (BA Shenkar College). She worked in the fashion and home textile industry for more than 20 years. She had her own design studio and sold funky printed T’s. Then she worked for 16 years in a leading company of socks and underwear called Delta Galil LTD, as a senior sock designer and stylist.
For Mass, mid market and for brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, Mexx…. she traveled a lot to Europe and
the USA, getting a lot of experience in design, styling, and marketing up to 2007.
Then she felt she was not as creative as she was before, so decided to change her life, leaving the comfort and security of a big international company and taking the time to think in what she really want to do.
The answer was getting back to the paint & brushes, to painting, hand knitting and creating one of a kind pieces, the pieces she sells in her Etsy store.

She had organized the store in the following sections: flower nature paintings, valentine day, fruits watercolors, vegetables watercolor, fun and mundane paintings, botanical nature ACEO, Paisley watercolor and Natural color watercolor.

TheJoyofColor links: Etsy, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter.

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