4itemsONEartist: loranscruggs

  1. Airplane DIY Pattern and Instructions
  2. Octoberfest Whistle
  3. King Chocolate Rat
  4. Recycled Handmade Red Tin Truck

Loran Scrugs is as she say “a metal girl” who makes by recycling tins wonderful toys.

She loves the colors, fonts and pictures found on painted tin cans and bottle caps. For years she had collected bottle caps and tins off the streets of large cities, garage sales and kind people.
Then, enjoys giving items a new life liberating the recyclable to a place of value once more.
She is interested in joy. Color is joyous for her so she use painted tin cans for their color and glint. Most of her work references childhood and play, for herself play is a time of being in the moment, no past or future worries, a time of joy.

In her funny store we can find: art sculptures, 2D art, skulls, chamber rattles, whistles, whistles premium, planes and patterns.

Loran Scruggs links: Etsy, Flickr, Facebook.

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