4itemsONEartist: underanewlight

  1. FLYING Feather Earrings – Recycled Leather, Vintage Cooper Chain
  2. Turquoise Indian Necklace- Recycled Fabric, Vintage Japanese Beads, Bronze Chain
  3. Turquoise Indian Arrow Earrings – Fabric, Vintage Cooper Chain
  4. Small Indian Bag Shape Necklace- Recycled Fabric, Metallic Goldenrod Czech Glass Beads, Leather

underanewlight is the Guisela’s store where she exposes and sells jewelry made up of vintage brass, recycled fabrics and leather, stones, beads, natural cord, with aboriginal influences. She makes colorful, lively and freestyle jewelry delicate handcrafted with love. She thinks jewelry, as life, should be fun and unpredictable!  
As any passionate person, she get obsessed with it and forget the sense of time. Obsessed with the handmade world she discovered her artistic side, aspiring to be one.

Her Etsy shop is her first project. It has helped her to learn about herself a little more and how she could help others to get their bohemian, indie, boho chic and colorful side out to the world. As she is also very interested in the environment, consider very important reuse and recycle materials to create colorful and sustainable items that have their own special story. She loves to use recycled fabrics, leathers and vintage-styled chains.

underanewlight store sections: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pouchesand if you are not sure with the recipient’s taste gift certificates.

underanewlight links: Etsy, Blog, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter.

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